Thessaloniki Cash Processing and Distribution Centre

With Greece’s entry into Economic and Monetary Union and the participation of the Bank of Greece in the Eurosystem, the need arose to modernise and upgrade the Bank’s cash storage, processing and distribution facilities in Athens and Thessaloniki.

To this end, a brand-new cash centre was constructed in Thessaloniki, in line with the high security standards laid down in European Central Bank guidelines. The building was completed in 2009.

Breaking with past practice, the new facilities are located outside the central urban area of Thessaloniki, on the eastern outskirts of the city, built on a plot of 30 thousand square metres. The building is a piece of cutting-edge architecture and of exceptional quality. Its bioclimatic design exploits local climatic features and ensures seamless integration into the natural environment. A key concern of the designers was to “interweave natural and built elements”, which led them to develop extensive gardens of Greek flora in the grounds and on the rooftop, the largest green roof in Greece.

Architectural design: Prodromos Nikiforidis, Bernard Cuomo and the Bank’s Technical Service (architects Emmanuel Dalaklis and Panagiotis Panagakis).



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