General Council

The General Council comprises the Governor, the two Deputy Governors, the other (three) members of the Monetary Policy Council and six Councillors.

Entrusted with the general management of the affairs of the Bank, it is responsible to the General Meeting of Shareholders. The General Council within the limits of the Statute makes decisions and exercises powers not specifically reserved to the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Monetary Policy Council, the Executive Committee or, as provided for in the last sentence of Article 31, to the Governor.

The members of the General Council are:

  • Yannis Stournaras Governor
  • Ioannis Mourmouras Deputy Governor,
  • Theodoros Mitrakos Deputy Governor,
  • Ioulia V. Armagou Member,
  • Olga P. Charitou Member,
  • Evangelos D. Geraniotakis Member,
  • Stefanos N. Oktapodas Member,
  • Athanassios I. Savvakis Member,
  • Dimitrios A. Sideris Member,
  • Nikolaos Ι. Skorinis Member,
  • Grigorios S. Stergioulis Member,
  • Georgios-Spyros D. Tavlas Member,

attending Georgios A. Manolas, General Commissioner of the State.

Articles 20-27 of the Statute

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