General Meeting of Shareholders

It is the Bank’s supreme decision-making body that represents all shareholders and binds them by its decisions. The ordinary General Meeting is convened by the General Council, it is held once a year, not later than in April, and it decides upon its rules of procedure.

Furthermore, it is the only competent body to decide on the following matters: 

  • approval of the Bank’s Annual Report and balance sheet, appropriations to reserves and other special funds, determination of dividends and any other disposal of net profits;
  • election or removal of members of the General Council and of the Auditors and the determination of their fees;
  • discharge of members of the General Council and of the Auditors from all personal responsibility;
  • proposals to amend the Statute of the Bank, except for capital increases (Article 9 of the Statute), which are then submitted to the Parliament through the Government; and
  • proposals on any other matter submitted to the Meeting by the General Council.

Extraordinary General Meetings are convened by the General Council and are held whenever required.

Articles 11-19 of the Statute

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