Deputy Governor of the Bank of Greece: Theodore Pelagidis


Theodore Pelagidis is the Deputy Governor of Bank of Greece, with responsibilities pertaining to the implementation of monetary policy, investment portfolio management, global capital markets, payment and settlement systems, and bank resolution. He is also Chairman of the Financial Asset Management Committee, which directs the Bank’s international investment portfolio, Chairman of Resolution Measures Committee and Chairman of Environmental Policy Committee. 

He was appointed as Minister of Finance of Greece’s interim government from May 25, 2023 until new national elections on June 25, 2023.

He is Professor of Economics at the University of Piraeus, Greece. He has been a NATO scholar at the CES Harvard University (1995-6); an NBG fellow at the HO, LSE (2010); and a Fulbright fellow at Columbia University (2008). He is the co-author of Understanding the Crisis in Greece. From Boom to Bust, Palgrave 2011 & 2012 (2nd ed.), Greece. From Exit to Recovery? (Brookings Institution 2014). Who’s to Blame for Greece? (Palgrave 2016); Who’s to Blame for Greece? How Austerity and Populism is Destroying a Country with High Potential, (Palgrave 2018, 2nd ed.) & Who’s to Blame for Greece? Life after bankruptcy. Between Recovery and Substandard Growth (Springer/Palgrave 2021, 3rd ed.).

He has published extensively in professional journals such as, International Journal of Finance & Economics, Cambridge Journal of Economics, Journal of Policy Modelling, Journal of Economic Studies, International Review of Law & Economics, Managerial and Decision Economics, Economists’ Voice, Journal of Economic Policy Reform, European Journal of Law and Economics, Review of International Studies, Journal of Post-Keynesian Economics, Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics, etc. He has given interviews and published opinion articles in the international press (The Guardian, NYT, FT, etc). He has served as an expert to the International Monetary Fund (IEO, 2015) and to the EC (Horizon 2020, 2018). He has also been a NR Senior Fellow at Brookings Institution, USA (9/2012-19/9/20) and a regular Brookings/Global webpage Op-Ed contributor. 

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