Monetary Policy Council

The Monetary Policy Council is responsible for:

  • analysing economic and monetary developments and examining the implications of the monetary policy formulated within the framework of the Eurosystem; and
  • deciding on matters concerning the conduct of exchange rate policy, the operation and efficiency of payment systems and means of payment, as well as the issue of euro banknotes.

In performing its Eurosystem-related tasks, the Monetary Policy Council acts in accordance with the guidelines and instructions of the European Central Bank.

The Monetary Policy Council comprises:

  • the Governor of the Bank of Greece as chairperson;
  • the two Deputy Governors; and
  • three other Members appointed for a renewable six-year term by Presidential Decree on a proposal from the Council of Ministers, following an opinion of the Governor.

The chairman of the Monetary Policy Council is the Governor Yannis Stournaras and the members are the Deputy Governors, Theodore Pelagidis and Christina Papaconstantinou, as well as Olga P. Charitou, Christos D. Hadjiemmanuil and Dimitrios A. Sideris.

Article 35A of the Statute

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