Centre for Culture, Research and Documentation of the Bank of Greece

​​​​​​​​​​​​The Centre for Culture, Research and Documentation aims to highlight and promote the role of the Bank of Greece in the country’s economic, social and cultural development.

Main responsibilities​​

  • to organise and run the Bank’s Historical Archives, Library and Museum;
  • to curate and develop the Bank’s collections, which include coins, paintings, and other artworks, books and periodicals(in hard copy and e-format), as well as its electronic resources;
  • to offer services to the public and researchers;
  •  to conduct research on the Bank’s history and collections;
  • to produce  the Bank’s cultural publications, including previously unpublished material;
  • to hold temporary and permanent exhibitions of material from the Bank’s collections;
  • to organise cultural events;
  • to organise educational programmes, conferences and seminars;
  • to participate in national and international fora and cooperate with institutions pursuing similar objectives;
  • to manage and maintain the IT systems that support the Centre’s activities.


  • Library Section
  • Research, Publications and Administrative Support Section
  • Historical Archives Section 
  • Museum and Collections Section. 
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