Procurement Unit

Main Tasks

The Procurement Unit shall:

  • Manage procurement procedures to meet the Bank’s needs, applying a uniform standardised framework with a view to time and cost efficiency;
  • Implement the procurement framework for goods and services, as well as technical works (“Procurement Policy and Guidelines”), assess it and, where necessary, recommend the review thereof to bring it in line with current regulatory framework, best practices and the Bank’s strategic objectives;
  • Acting as central reference point during the annual procurement planning, draw up the Procurement Plan and submit it to the competent body for approval;
  • Monitor Business Unit compliance with the Procurement Plan;
  • Conduct tenders for the selection of suppliers/contractors in accordance with the procurement framework;
  • Draw up procurement contracts and monitor their implementation, in cooperation with the competent Business Units;
  • Collect all procurement contracts for goods and services listed under the procurement framework, as well as for the technical works executed on Bank’s behalf, and keep a record thereof;
  • Evaluate the contractors, in cooperation with the competent Business Units, and keep a register accordingly.

The Procurement Unit comprises the following Sections:

  • Procurement Planning and Contracts Section
  • Structural Works Procurement Section
  • Goods, Services and Non – Structural Works Procurement Section.

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