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Bibliographic bulletin

The online publication Bibliographic bulletin (in Greek only) contains bibliographical information on recently acquired material at the Library. The Bibliographic bulletin is also available in a different format at the Library’s WebPac, by clicking on Featured Lists.


The Bibliography aims at offering information on a topic of common interest on each issue by utilizing the affluence of the Library's information sources (in Greek an in English). See full Archive

Annual report of activities 

The Annual report of activities refers to the Library’s main actions carried out during the reference year, as well as its goals for next year (in Greek only).

Bank publications 

The following list includes serials titles and monographs published since 1928. Concerning the Working Paper series, please click here.

Bank's Publications

Speeches by Professor X. Zolotas

The speeches by Professor X. Zolotas addressed in English at the annual assemblies of the International Monetary Fund (I.M.F.) in 1957 and 1959. Apart from the prepositions and the auxiliary verbs, the speeches exclusively consist of English words with Greek origin. Both speeches impressed with their innovative approach and had the highest impact. Specifically the first speech was used as a headline in New York Times and Washington Post

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