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 Museum of the Bank of Greece

Through its Museum, the Bank of Greece seeks to further its role, functions and contribution to economic developments in Greece, in particular regarding the operation of the financial system, and presents Greece’s modern monetary and economic history: from the planning and implementation of the first modern Greek monetary system in 1828 to the creation of the euro area and Greece’s accession to the single currency.

By following the thread of the presentation, the visitor can explore the origins of money in antiquity, witness the introduction and establishment of various transaction media, and learn about Greece’s monetary policy, the evolution of central banking and the path to Economic and Monetary Union in Europe.

The exhibits include objects from the Bank’s collections that visually prompt the visitor into comprehending the procedures used in designing and producing the banknotes and coins of the modern Greek State.

A number of specially designed interactive multimedia applications, coupled with state-of-the-art museological practices, provide for a unique experience of enjoyment and learning.



Museum of the Bank of Greece
3 Amerikis Street, Athens GR 102 50
Tel: +30 210 320 4444, Fax: +30 210 320 5440
Email: museum@bankofgreece.gr


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