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Alexandros Korogiannakis (1906-1966) - Printmaking

Alexandros Korogiannakis belongs to the first generation of Greek artists who turned their hand to printmaking, an art that had ceased being taught in Greece since the early 20th century.

Korogiannakis delved into woodcutting, etching and lithography; he designed banknotes, he illustrated books and albums and he designed stamps. All these resulted in a rich body of work which demonstrates the printmaker’s attention to detail, his precision and his technical prowess.

The exhibition starts off with the artist’s bio, accompanied by photographs, letters and memorabilia. Then, a series of exhibits highlight some of the many uses of printmaking. Further on, the artist’s relationship with the Bank of Greece unfolds and his significant contribution to the design of banknotes and securities reveals. The visitor can see all the issued banknotes that he designed and are now part of our national art and our financial history. We have also collected some of the books and the albums he illustrated. Τhe exhibition ends in the main hall with his most representative prints, some of which are displayed along with their woodblocks/plates.

Museum of the Bank of Greece
3 Amerikis Street, Athens GR 102 50
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