Supervised institutions

On this webpage, the Bank of Greece publishes and regularly updates lists of:

  1. credit or financial institutions having their head office in Greece;
  2. credit or financial institutions having their head office in another Member State  of the EU, which carry out any of the activities listed  in  Article 11(2) of Law 4261/2014, including lending and guarantee activities, under the EU passport regime. The EU  passport enables credit institutions authorised in a Member State to operate in another Member State under the freedom of establishment or the freedom to provide services without an establishment; it is based on a supervisory framework which is harmonised across the EU and applies  in all EU Member States;
  3. residential credit intermediaries having their head office in Greece and credit intermediaries of Directive 2014/17/EU in another Member State of the EU that have notified their intention to provide services in Greece under the “passport” regime.

Information about credit institutions conducting business in European Economic Area countries is also available   in the register published  by the European Banking Authority (EBA Credit Institutions Register), for:

  • credit institutions authorised  in EEA countries;
  • branches of credit institutions authorised  in an EEA country and operating in another  EEA country;
  • non-EEA branches (i.e. branches of credit institutions having their head office  in a third country)  authorised to operate in EEA countries. 

Also included in the scope of Bank of Greece supervision are private insurance and reinsurance undertakings. Currently, the following types of undertakings are active in the Greek  private insurance market:  

  1. Sociétés Anonymes incorporated in Greece, i.e.
    • two life insurance undertakings;
    • fourteen non-life insurance undertakings; and
    • seventeen  mixed-activity insurance undertakings.
  2. Greek branches of third-country (non-EU/EEA) insurers
  3. Insurance undertakings incorporated in other countries of the EU/EEA, operating in Greece under the freedom of establishment (through a branch) or under the freedom to provide services)
  4. Mutual associations
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