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Exchange rates

TheEuropean Central Bank determines the euro foreign exchange reference rates based on a daily concertation procedure between central banks within and outside the European System of Central Banks. Until 30 June 2016, the Bank of Greece used to reproduce the ECB’s reference rates on its own website (“ECB Euro Foreign Exchange Reference Rates”). 

As from 1 July 2016, the Bank of Greece ceased publication of the “ECB Euro Foreign Exchange Reference Rates”. Current as well as past reference rates can be accessed on the ECB website. The ECB’s euro foreign exchange reference rates are updated on the ECB website around 16:00 CET (17:00 hours, Greece time).

The rates published by the ECB are for reference purposes only and are not the rates applied to transactions.

Thelatter are the buying and selling rates of foreign exchange and foreign banknotes for transactions of the Bank of Greece with retail customers, other banks and bureaux de change. In this section you can find detailed data on these rates, as published by the Bank of Greece. Also, here you can find the irrevocable euro conversion rates of the former national currencies of the euro area countries, as well as the historical foreign exchange fixing rates vis-à-vis the drachma.

Historical foreign exchange rates, foreign banknote rates and foreign currency interest rates are provided in writing by the Financial Operations Department of the Bank of Greece upon request and against a commission fee, determined according to the  Bank of Greece Schedule of Commission Fees (Circular 472/28.06.2006, paragraph 23, indent 2) as follows:

a. For data going back up to two years prior to the date of the application and for up to four rates: a flat fee of EUR 7.50, increased by EUR 1 for each additional rate in excess of four and up to 150 rates, per statement;
b. For data going farther back than two years from the date of the application and for up to four rates: a flat commission fee of EUR 15, increased by EUR 1.80 for each additional rate in excess of four and up to 70 rates, per statement.

Where the number of rates requested are more than 150 under (a) above or more than 70 under (b) above, as well as where for a given application the resulting aggregate commission fee under both points exceeds the amount of EUR 150, the commission fee will be agreed upon on an ad hoc basis between the applicant and the Financial Operations Department.

For foreign exchange rates that are not displayed on the website, please contact the Secretariat of the Financial Operations Department on telephone number: ++210 320 2857. 

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