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Banking Supervision

The Bank of Greece, pursuant to article 55Α of its Statute, exercises supervision over credit institutions and other categories of enterprises and organisations in the financial sector collectively referred to as financial institutions.

Given the dominant role of banking intermediation in economy financing and the decisive input of banks in payment systems and money and capital markets, the stability of the financial system and, hence, both the smooth operation of markets and economic growth hinge crucially on the stability and efficient operation of the banking system.

The objective of supervision is to ensure the stability and smooth operation of the banking system and, in general, the financial sector of the economy. In addition, supervision aims at ensuring transparency of procedures and terms of transactions of those subject to supervision.

Banking Supervision Department (BSD)

The Banking Supervision Department (BSD) of the Bank of Greece is responsible for the prudential supervision of credit and financial institutions.

Decision-Making Bodies in Supervisory Matters  

Executive Committee

Credit and Insurance Committee (CIC)

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