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Disclosures to Customers - Transparency

Bank of Greece Governor’s Act 2501/2002 lays down rules on disclosures to customers of credit institutions regarding the main terms governing banking transactions. In order to facilitate the provision of information to bank customers, the Bank of Greece publishes in this web page tables with information on:

(a) interest rates on deposits, consumer and housing loans, credit cards; commissions charged on credit transfers; fees on deposit accounts; and annual credit card subscription fees.

(b) Contact details of dedicated units established by credit institutions and credit companies to handle customer complaints and reports.

(c) Bank holiday of short duration

(d) Contact details (only in Greek) of the Hellenic Bank Association member banks for inquiries of the public regarding issues on the implementation of the Act of Legislative Content "Urgent measures for the establishment of restrictions on cash withdrawals and capital transfers " (Government Gazette Α’ 84, 18.7.2015).  

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