Submission of data on real estate debt and investment

The Bank of Greece monitors risks to financial stability arising from the residential and commercial real estate sector in the context of its macroprudential mandate. In view of relevant data collection, the Bank of Greece’s Executive Committee approved Act No 175/1/29.07.2020 adopting Recommendation ESRB/2016/14 of the European Systemic Risk Board, as amended by Recommendation ESRB/2019/3.

Pursuant to this Act, credit institutions and leasing companies operating in Greece shall submit to the Bank of Greece (Financial Stability Department – Macroprudential Policy Section) aggregate data and indicators on their portfolios of residential real estate (RRE) and commercial real estate (CRE) loans, as well as CRE investment. Data shall be submitted on a quarterly and solo basis.

The full text of Executive Committee Act No 175/1/29.07.2020 along with the relevant Template FSD01 on the submission of data are available below. Also available are FAQs, instructions on completing Template FSD01 and instructions on issuing and using a digital certificate for secure communication with the Bank of Greece.

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