Public Investments Program

The coordination and execution of the Public Investment Program is the responsibility of the General Directorate of Public Investments of the Ministry of National Economy and Finance (in greek).

The role of the Bank of Greece is to provide the banking infrastructure to Public Entities, for them to distribute the Program funds and make payments to the ultimate beneficiaries. These payments are carried out by the authorized "Payment Officer" who are duly appointed by the Public Entities’ "Account Administrators " for each project of the Program.

As a general rule, Account Administrators are either the Financial Services Units of Central Administration Bodies, or the competent Legal Entities designated through the Public Investment Program procedures.

In order to carry out electronic payments through the “e-pde” application of the Ministry of National Economy and Finance, the designated “Payment Officer” obtains from the local branch of the Bank of Greece the special one-time payment code generator (OTP) and receives relevant instructions:

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