Electronic Secondary Securities Market (HDAT)

Transactions in Greek government securities on the secondary market can be carried out through the Electronic Secondary Securities Market (HDAT) operated by the Bank of Greece, or through other trading platforms, or over the counter.

Eligible for trading on HDAT, which is the regulated secondary securities market (initial Government Gazette Β 998/27.5.09), are Greek government securities, as well as bonds or other fixed-income debt securities issued by corporations and other entities with the guarantee of the Greek government.

HDAT is owned and managed by the Bank of Greece. Its operation, organisation and management are governed by its Operating Regulations. HDAT is a quote-driven market where assets are traded at “bid” and “ask” prices quoted by members. 

Furthermore, the technical platform of HDAT is also used for auctioning Greek government securities on the primary market and for end-of-day buy/sell back transactions in securities within the Book-Entry Securities System of the Bank of Greece (BOGS).

HDAT provides real-time data to the international information providers Bloomberg and LSEG Data & Analytics.

Under Law 2651/98 and starting from 15 March 1999, HDAT issues the official daily price bulletin for greek government securities.


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