Question bank

The Hellenic Capital Market Commission and the Bank of Greece hereby announce that the questions in the professional certification examinations under the Joint Decision of the Bank of Greece Executive Committee and of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission (Government Gazette B 1925/30.05.2018, in Greek), as currently in force, in the following exam sections:

  1. Within each section of the Question Bank, all questions are of equal weight.
  2. Each section is assigned a weight based on its percentage share in the total number of questions in the pool. This percentage will determine the number of questions from that section to be included in the actual set of questions.
  3. The actual set of questions for each exam session will be selected using an IT application to randomize both the selection of questions and the order of the correct answer among the listed answers.
  4. Successful candidates will provide correct answers to at least 28 out of 40 questions (70%) for all five sections (Legal Framework of the Capital Market for certificates a1-d, Special Capital Market Issues a1, Special Capital Market Issues a2, Special Capital Market Issues b1 and Special Capital Market Issues b.
  5. The number, type and percentage of questions to be drawn from each section will be adjusted to ensure, at all times, consistency with the syllabus, as updated from time to time by Joint Decision of the two authorities.

The above process will be subject to periodic review and adjustment, whenever and as necessary, and will be extended in scope to gradually include examinations for all types of certificates. Interested parties will be informed of any change via the websites of both authorities.


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