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Launch of the new External Sector Surveys (ESS) application for the annual reporting of external sector data

05/05/2021 - Press Releases

The Bank of Greece announces the launch, on 11 May 2021, of the External Sector Surveys (ESS) subsystem of its IRIS system, which will be used for the on-line reporting of data in the context of the annual surveys on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Outward Foreign Affiliates Statistics (OFATS) and external Assets and Liabilities (A/L).

The annual surveys are conducted in accordance with the methodology and recommendations of the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). At the same time, they form part of the broader Eurosystem statistical framework and meet the requirements of EU Regulations and Guidelines.

Using the new ESS application, reporting entities, i.e. resident natural and legal persons, will report on-line data on their economic relations with non-residents.

These data, which will be collected by the Bank of Greece Statistics Department, will be subject to quality check and aggregated for the compilation of the External Sector accounts. Manuals and technical instructions will be provided to registered IRIS users upon request, along with the templates to be filled in and submitted on-line, in order to enable automated processing.

It should be noted that the data reported are confidential and collected exclusively for statistical purposes. The reporting requirement arises from Article 55C of the Bank of Greece Statute, as ratified by Laws 2609/1998 and 2832/2000.

  • An overview of the scope of the surveys (e.g. reporting population) and the regulatory framework governing the reporting of data can be found here in Greek.
  • For more information on the annual external statistics surveys, please contact: or call: 210 3203844, -3860, -3843, -3851, -3859, -3856 -3841 (on working days from 09.00 to 15.00).

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