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Publication of data on securities issues by domestic residents based on the new methodology of the European Central Bank

22/06/2022 - Press Releases

- The Bank of Greece launches the compilation and publication of new aggregate securities issues statistics based on the new compilation methodology under the relevant ECB Guideline (ECB/2022/25).
- The new statistical information is produced from microdata included in the Centralised Securities Database (CSDB), a single information technology infrastructure of the European System of Central Banks. This database includes analytical information on all ISIN[1] securities issued by euro area residents.

The data published relate to securities (debt securities and listed shares) issued by domestic residents, both on the Greek and on foreign capital markets.

The information is provided by issuer sector and by type of security (short-term/long-term debt securities, fixed-rate/floating-rate debt securities, listed shares).

Data on debt securities are recorded at face value, while data on listed shares at market value.

Data refer to outstanding amounts at the end of each period, as well as gross issues and redemptions during each period.

Related Information
The data will be published on a monthly basis, after the publication of the respective data by the ECB and in accordance with Article 12 of the ECB Guideline. As of next year, the data are expected to be included in the Open Data Portal of the Bank of Greece.

Related link
The data will be published in the “Statistics” section of the Bank of Greece website, under the heading “Financial markets and interest rates” and in particular in the sub-section “Securities issues by domestic residents”.

[1] International Securities Identification Number

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