MFI credit to the Greek economy

The tables in this section provide a detailed picture of credit extended to the Greek economy by domestic MFIs (excluding the Bank of Greece).

The analysis refers to a breakdown of MFI loans and holdings of debt securities by borrower/issuer sector (general government, corporations, and households) and a breakdown of loans by original (rather than  remaining) maturity.

Moreover, credit to non-financial corporations is further broken down by sector of activity (agriculture, industry, etc). Data are also provided on loan write-offs, foreign exchange valuation differences and loan reclassifications/transfers, helping to better assess the evolution of loans over time. It should be noted that the rate of credit expansion is calculated without taking into account any changes in the outstanding amount of loans as a result of write-offs, foreign exchange valuation differences and loan reclassifications/transfers. Such changes do not constitute transactions, according to the European System of Accounts ESA 2010, since they do not entail a  cash flow as e.g. in the case of loan repayments. Data on loan write-offs, foreign exchange valuation differences and loan reclassifications/transfers are available from November 2002 onwards.

Credit data  are shown separately for the period 1998-2000 and for the period from 2001 onwards. Moreover, in response to strong demand by researchers, an additional table is provided, with historical monthly data on credit to the private sector, by category, that goes back to 1980.

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