Balance sheets of mutual funds and investment companies

This section provides monthly data on  balance sheets with the main items of the portfolio of undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS), i.e. mutual funds within the scope of Law 3283/2004 and portfolio investment companies (PICs) within the scope of Law 3371/2005, as well as of real estate investment companies (REICs) within the scope of Law 2778/1999.

The data exclude money market funds, since these are included in the MFI sector. It should also be noted that data on the mutual funds managed by the Hellenic Pension Mutual Fund Management Company are presented separately and are not included in total investment funds, as the shares/units of such funds can only be purchased by social security  funds and not by the public. Thus, their accounts are incorporated into the “general government” sector (S.13 in the European System of Accounts (ESA) 2010) and, in particular, in the subsector of “social security funds” (S.1314), rather than into the subsector of “other financial intermediaries” (S.123) of the  “financial corporations” sector (S.12).The Bank of Greece started collecting mutual funds’ data in November 2001 on the basis of the Bank of Greece Governor’s Act 2482/10.10.2001. Since October 2011 the data collection scheme has changed to a security-by-security reporting approach in accordance with the Bank of Greece Governor’s Act 2642/16.5.2011.

It should be noted that the data on investment funds investing in other funds (funds of funds) are not presented as a separate category, but are incorporated into the relevant subcategory of mutual funds depending on their investment policy.

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