Branches, Outlets, Agencies

In order to serve regional needs, the Bank has 13 branches and 2 outlets in respective prefecture capitals and 22 agencies across Greece.

In Thessaloniki, in addition to a Branch, there is also a Cash Processing and Distribution Centre.


The Branches conduct all or some of the following operations:

  • sorting, processing and counting of banknotes and coins;
  • supply and acceptance of coins from natural and legal persons;
  • operations related to the Greek government and government entities;
  • banknote deposits and withdrawals by credit institutions;
  • cash supplying and decongestion of banks from cash (banknotes and coins).
  • sale of gold sovereigns, commemorative and collector coins;
  • sale and purchase of foreign exchange (at all Branches except for the Ioannina Branch).


Outlets conduct operations mainly related to the Greek government and government entities; settlement and clearing of cheques of commercial banks; administrative and other staff-related operations; and such other tasks as may be assigned by the Bank’s head office.


Agencies are housed in premises of tax offices and serve the needs of the Greek government and government entities.

Click here for a list of Branches, Outlets and Agencies of the Bank of Greece.

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