Branches, Outlets, Agencies

In order to meet the needs at regional level, the bank has 17 branches at the capital city of each prefecture, 5 outlets in other large cities and 32 agencies throughout Greece, that mainly support the payments and receipts of Greek State.

In Thessaloniki, apart from the Branch, there is also the Cash Processing and Distribution Center of Thessaloniki.


The Branches offer, per case, services such as:

  • Selection and counting of banknotes and coins.
  • Exchange of coins from individuals.
  • Services concerning the Greek State and Organizations of the Public Sector.
  • Cash Transportations, only in Athens.
  • Cash supplying and decongestion of banks from cash (banknotes and coins).
  • Sale of gold sovereigns and souvenir coins.
  • Sale and purchase of foreign exchange and foreign banknotes to and from individuals (at all Branches of the network except the main Branch and Ioannina Branch).


Outlets offer services concerning mainly the Greek State and Organizations of the Public Sector, services of settlement or clearing of cheques from commercial banks, administrative and other services concerning their personnel, as well as every other service assigned by the Bank's central offices.


Agencies are housed in the IRS Buildings in order to serve the needs of the Greek State and the Organizations of the Public Sector.

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