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Reading rooms


The main reading room and a law reading room are at the disposal of the Library’s users.

  • In the main reading room the user may find the publications of the Bank, the reference collection (encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, handbooks, guidebooks) and the display of the journals’ current issues. Terminals for public use are available there to access the Library’s WebPAC and electronic resources, too.
  • In the law reading room the law collection of books and periodicals is available.

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User services




  • Reference services: The qualified Library staff provides research assistance and conducts research on behalf of both internal and external users, responding to queries addressed to the Library in situ or by phone and e-mail.
  • Loans: Material is available for loan only to Bank of Greece staff.
  • Online catalogue: Access to the Library’s WebPAC is free.
  • Electronic resources: Access to the online databases for external users is allowed via the terminals located in the main reading room of the Library. Terms and conditions applyaccording to providers.
  • Delivery service: A substantial part of the collection is now housed in the Bank’s building complex in Halandri. It includes mainly older books, older bound volumes of newspapers and serials, the Hellenic Government Gazette and working papers. Since this collection is off-limits to patrons, delivery of such material, may be requested at the Reference Desk and be brought in due time.


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Reproduction of material

Most Library material may be photocopied for a nominal fee at the Photocopy Office of the Bank of Greece, subject to copyright legislation (Law 2121/1993 and EC Directive 29/2001)

Restrictions also apply, depending on the condition and fragility of the material.




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