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The Advisory Group on Market Infrastructures for Securities and Collateral (AMI-SeCo) has been set up by the Eurosystem as an advisory body with the task to counsel the Eurosystem on matters related to securities clearing and settlement and collateral management. It shall also address, in line with user needs, all relevant aspects of the provision of modification of Eurosystem services in this regard; provide advice to the Eurosystem on relevant developments and their potential impact on the Eurosystem and facilitate the interaction between the Eurosystem and the financial market actors on such matters. More information on the tasks and responsibilities of the AMI-SeCo can be found in its mandate (AMI-SeCo mandate).

With the purpose to support the AMI-SeCo in fulfilling its tasks, National Stakeholders Groups have been set up (AMI-SeCo NSGs) that bring together the National Central Bank, users (financial market participants/T2S users), issuers, providers of securities settlement and collateral management services and other stakeholders from the relevant national market. The AMI-SeCo NSGs establish the formal link between the AMI-SeCo and the respective local market and act both as a sounding board for AMI-SeCo and as providers of input to the AMI-SeCo in relation to all matters considered by the latter. In addition, national NSGs will be used for monitoring the implementation efforts of the national stakeholders relevant to the harmonisation standards defined by the AMI-SeCo. More details about the specific tasks and responsibilities of the AMI-SeCo NSGs can be found in its mandate (AMI-SeCo NSG mandate).

Within the above framework, GR-NSG has been established, which brings together the Bank of Greece, settlement systems (CSDs) operating in Greece, participants of the SSSs, issuers and other relevant market participants. The GR-NSG is the successor of the former GR-NUG and its activities are organized via regular meetings and written consultations coordinated by the Bank of Greece.

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