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Special Studies Section

While research is conducted in various departments of the Bank, the goal of the Special Studies Section is to promote high-quality independent research (both theoretical and empirical) that contributes to economic policy discussions. The Section has a number of full-time researchers and additionally acts as a hub for research conducted in the Bank of Greece.

The main areas of research are the following:

  • The operation and transmission of monetary policy.
  • The structure, functioning and stability of the financial system.
  • Macroeconomic modelling and forecasting.
  • International Finance and its interactions with monetary and fiscal policies.
  • International Economics with an emphasis on the effects of the euro.
  • The transformation process, with special emphasis on the economies of the Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean regions.
  • Long-term determinants of economic growth in Greece – including analyses of the roles of the balance of payments and the public sector.
  • Historical research on money and banking, including the construction of historical time-series data.

The research conducted under the Section’s supervision appears in the Bank’s 

  • Economic Bulletin, which publishes articles with a high topical interest that are less technical in nature and as such are available to the larger public.

Greek and foreign researchers visit the Bank on a regular basis, particularly under the Visiting Scholars Programme.


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