Publications of the Centre for Culture, Research & Documentation

The publications of the Centre for Culture, Research and Documentation are aligned with the scope of the Centre. Thus, they primarily aim to underline and highlight the role of the Bank of Greece in the country’s financial, social and cultural development. They comprise books and printed material which is relevant to the activity of the other Sections of the Centre (the Library, the Historical Archive, the Museum).

“Frames of reference: From the Bank of Greece collection”, Athens 2018.


“Alexandros Korogiannakis (1906-1966): Printmaking” [in Greek], Athens 2018.


Andreas Kakridis, "Kyriakos Varvaressos: Biography as economic history" [in Greek], Athens 2017.


“Commemorative volume for Leonidas Georgakopoulos”, I [in Greek], Athens 2016.


“Commemorative volume for Leonidas Georgakopoulos”, II [in Greek], Athens 2016.


Michalis Psalidopoulos, "The History of the Bank of Greece, 1928-2008" [in Greek], Athens 2014.


“The chronicle of the great crisis. The Bank of Greece, 2008-2013”, Athens 2014.


Margarita Dritsas, “Emmanuel Tsouderos, 1882-1956, Central Banker and Politician” [in Greek], Athens 2012.


Maro Kardamitsi-Adami, “Bank of Greece: The buildings” [in Greek], Athens 2011.


“New building of the Bank of Greece in Thessaloniki”, Thessaloniki 2009 (in collaboration with IANOS publications).


Manolis Vlachos, “Modern Greek painting in the collection of the Bank of Greece”, Athens 2007.


Manolis Vlachos, “The emergence of modern Greek painting 1830-1930 – From the Bank of Greece Collection”, Athens 2002.


Nelli Missirli (ed.), “Collection of the Bank of Greece. Greek painting and prints”, Athens 1993.


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