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Research and Publications 

The Bank of Greece’s tasks include monitoring and analysing the economic developments in a number of areas. Part of the results of these activities is either published in hard copy or presented in this website.

The Bank of Greece publishes every year the Governor’s Annual Report and two Monetary Policy Reports, the Monetary Policy Annual Report and the Monetary Policy Interim Report. In addition, from June 2009, the Bank of Greece publishes from time to time a Financial Stability Report.

It also publishes a number of bulletins, such as the Economic Bulletin and two series of Statistical Bulletins, the Bulletin of Conjunctural Indicators and the Bulletin of Regional Conjunctural Indicators.

The Bank of Greece’s Special Studies Section conducts specialised research, organises conferences and seminars and publishes a series of working papers 

On this webpage one can also find the Financial Statements (Monthly Balance Sheet, Annual Accounts) as well as other Bank of Greece publications. 

The publications of the European Central Bank are available in pdf format here.

The publications of the Bank of Greece below, are available in pdf format.

Research and Publications

Economic Bulletin Issue 41

Monthly Balance Sheet : May 2018

06/06/2018 - Other Publications : Report on Operational Targets for Non-Performing Exposures

30/05/2018 - Working Papers : Monetary policy under climate change

ECB - Convergence Report : 2018

Economic Bulletin Issue 40

11/05/2018 - Working Papers : Time series with interdependent level and second moment: statistical testing and applications with Greek external trade and simulated data

Bulletin of Conjunctural Indicators : March - April 2018

Monthly Balance Sheet : April 2018

04/05/2018 - Working Papers : Fiscal adjustment and debt sustainability: Greece 2010-2016 and beyond

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