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Monetary and Banking Statistics

The Bank of Greece publishes on a monthly (or quarterly) basis data on bank deposits and loans as well as on the main monetary aggregates. Monetary and banking statistics are derived from monthly balance sheets that all monetary financial institutions (MFIs) submit to the Bank of Greece, in accordance with the relevant ‘Act of the Governor of the Bank of Greece’. MFIs comprise the Bank of Greece, credit institutions that carry out business in Greece, and money market funds. The complete list of euro area MFIs is published on the website of the European Central Bank (ECB), whereas the list of Greek MFIs is also available of the website of the Bank of Greece.

This section includes the following parts:
  • List of monetary financial institutions
  • Aggregated balance sheets of monetary financial institutions (MFIs)
  • Monetary aggregates
  • Deposits
  • Credit aggregates
  • Bank Lending Survey 
  • MFI holdings of securities
  • Currency and country breakdown of selected MFI balance sheet items

User support address: mfm_bsi.stat@bankofgreece.gr

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