The Advisory Group on Market Infrastructures for Securities and Collateral (AMI-SeCo) has been set up by the Eurosystem in order to  serve as a link between the Eurosystem and market actors by promoting an active dialogue between them.

AMI-SeCo will also advise the Eurosystem on matters related to securities clearing and settlement and collateral management. Furthermore, in line with user needs, it will address all aspects of the provision of Eurosystem services; provide advice to the Eurosystem on developments in securities and collateral management and their potential impact on the Eurosystem; and facilitate an effective interaction between the Eurosystem and the relevant financial market actors. More information on the tasks and responsibilities of the AMI-SeCo can be found in its mandate. 

Following-up on the establishment of AMI-SeCo and with a view to supporting its work, National Stakeholders Groups (AMI-SeCo NSGs) have been set up in every national market that participates in T2S. NSGs bring together the national central banks (NCBs), users (financial market participants/T2S users), providers of securities settlement and collateral management services, and other stakeholders from the relevant national market. AMI-SeCo NSGs serve as a formal link between AMI-SeCo and the respective local market; they act as channels of communication of matters managed by AMI-SeCo to local markets and, conversely, as providers of input from the markets to AMI-SeCo. Moreover, the Eurosystem will use these groups to monitor the implementation of the harmonisation standards developed by AMI-SeCo. 

More information on the tasks and responsibilities of AMI-SeCo NSGs can be found in their mandate.

In this context, AMI-SeCo GR-NSG was established, bringing together the Bank of Greece, settlement systems operating in Greece, participants in securities depositories, issuers and other relevant market participants. AMI-SeCo GR-NSG is the successor of the former GR-NUG and operates via regular meetings and written consultations coordinated by the Bank of Greece.


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