Public services

Use of the Library

Access to the Library 

The opening hours are 09:00 – 13:30 during working days. Any interested user will visit the Library by appointment only (telephone: +30-210 3202446, +30 210 3202396, +30 210 3202522 or ), at least one day prior to their visit. Users may also conduct remote research by using the Library’s online catalog WebPAC and its discovery tool Summon.

Visitors enter the Library using a visitor’s card that they will obtain upon their entrance to the Bank's building, after having presented a valid form of ID. Security measures applied at the Bank, such as the use of digital closed-circuit television, are also in operation at the Library.

Upon their entrance to the Library, visitors are required to sign in the “Guest Book”. Data collected are being processed according to the relevant provisions on the protection of personal data and are not shared with third parties. For security reasons, visitors are required to store their personal belongings in the lockers located near the main entrance of the Library.   

Having selected the books they require, visitors should fill in the respective tag, hand it to the Library's personnel who, in turn, locate the books required and transfer them from the stacks to the main reading room.  Visitors have direct access only to the serials’ stacks.

The library is lending only for the Bank's personnel.

Reading rooms

The Library has a main reading room with material on economics and a law reading room available for users.

In the main reading room the user may find the journals’ current issues, the Bank's publications, reference material (encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, handbooks, guidebooks) as well as the daily Greek and International press. Furthermore, computers are available for users. 

In the law reading room, the law collection of books and periodicals is available.

In special displays outside the Library, older and more recent publications of the Bank are available to the public free of charge. 

Reference Services

Informational Services 

Users can search for references with the assistance of the Library's qualified staff, as well as through the Library's online catalog and electronic resources both on the Bank's website and the Internet in general.  

  • Queries about the hard copy collection can be also submitted by phone or e-mail.
  • Online Catalog: Access to the Library's catalog is free and it can also be accessed online.

Electronic resources: Access to electronic resources (online databases) for external users is allowed via the terminals located in the main reading room of the Library according to the Terms and Conditions of each provider.

A substantial part of the collection is now housed in the Bank’s building complex in Halandri. It mainly includes newspapers, the Hellenic Government Gazette and serial publications of previous years. Since this collection is off-limits to patrons, the Library undertakes the obligation to transport them from and to the building complex in Halandri in order to meet the demands of the users. The interested party is informed regarding the material's availability in order to visit the Library and use it.

  • Users can have access to the rare books collection, as long as they fill in the respective application and declare to the Library the reason for their study. When the material becomes available, the users are notified to visit the Library. 
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