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Aggregated balance sheets of monetary financial institutions (MFIs)

The Bank of Greece publishes detailed monthly data on the assets and liabilities of MFIs and from these data one can derive the monetary and credit aggregates. The MFI sector comprises the Bank of Greece, credit institutions that carry out business in Greece, and money market funds.

Data in Greek drachmas for the period prior to 2001 (i.e. prior to the adoption by Greece of the euro) have been converted to euro using the rule adopted by ECB: for the period 1.1.199 till 31.12.2000 (the period that the euro area existed but Greece was not a member of it) the conversion is based on the EUR/drachma exchange rate that prevailed at the time the data refer to. For the period prior to 1.1.1999 the conversion is based on the fixed exchange rate of 31.12.1998 i.e. 1 euro equals 329.689 drachmas.

Moreover Bank of Greece publishes aggregated income statement of Greek Commercial Banks, both on a consolidated and on a non-consolidated basis.

The data are presented separately for the pre and post 1.1.2001 period. 

 Α. Data for the period after the entry of Greece into the euro area (2001 - )

 Β. Data for the period before the entry of Greece into the euro area (1998-2000)

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