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Special Data Dissemination System (SDDS)

The Bank of Greece participates in the 1996 the International Monetary Fund (IMF) initiative to publish key national economic data based on certain specific rules that ensure the provision of accurate and timely information to the public. It is believed that such data can assist policy makers as well as international capital market participants to make a more accurate assessment of a country’s economic conditions and the risks it might face. It will thus be possible to take timely measures to minimize the adverse effects of a financial crisis. More information on the SDDS click here.

The SDDS data published by the Bank of Greece refer only to the financial sector and the external sector of the economy. Additional SDDS data on the Greek economy is provided by the Ministry of National Economy and Finance and the National Statistical Service of Greece.

1. Financial Sector

1.1 Advance release calendar (xls 19 KB)

1.2    Metadata
1.2.1 Analytical Accounts of the Banking Sector (pdf 257 KB)
1.2.2 Analytical Accounts of the Central Bank (pdf 41 KB)

1.3 Data (xls 28 KB)

2. External Sector

2.1 Advance release calendar (xls 26 KB)

2.2    Metadata
2.2.1 Balance of Payments 
2.2.2 International Investment Position 
2.2.3 Gross External Debt Position
2.2.4 International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity (pdf 46 KB)
2.2.5 Exchange Rates (pdf 116 KB)

2.3    Data
2.3.1    Balance of Payments (xls 56 KB)
2.3.2    International Investment Position (xls 155 KB)
2.3.3    Gross External Debt Position (xls 126 KB) International Reserves (xls 40 KB) Template on international reserves and foreign currency liquidity (xls 14 MB)
2.3.5    Exchange Rates (xls 16 KB)

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