Gold price bulletin

The Bank of Greece, in particular the Financial Operations Department, issues daily Price bulletins for gold and gold coins, containing information on the buying and selling prices of gold and gold coins for transactions in euro between the Bank of Greece and private individuals.

The Price bulletin for gold and gold coins is intended for use by:

  • private individuals who need to know the price of gold or gold coins for transaction purposes or for personal reasons;
  • anyone wishing to obtain an official price certificate for use in court.

Each price bulletin remains in effect until a new one is issued. In the event of changes in the prices of gold or gold coins, more than one price bulletin may be issued on the same day.

The prices quoted concern the following categories:

  • Bullion gold
  • British gold sovereign, fineness 0.9166 (7.940-7.988 gr.)
  • British gold sovereigns, underweight or of different fineness
  • Gold coins


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