Purchase and sale of gold bars

Information for customers interested in selling gold bars or ingots to the Bank of Greece

For all transactions, regardless of the amount, interested parties will be required to produce: (a) a valid identification card or passport and (b) an original public document (i.e. a “Notice of Tax Due” from a Tax Office –D.O.Y.) or recent utility bill stating their Taxpayer Identification Number.

After agreeing to the price offered by the Bank of Greece, the customer shall deposit the gold bars or ingots with the Bank of Greece for authentication. Once the authentication test has established the pure gold content, payment shall be made to the customer in euros. The customer will be charged with a commission of 10‰ with a minimum of €44, as well as with the following authentication costs:

For the first item up to 15 gr.€20,00
For the first item above 15 gr.€40,00
For each additional item, regardless of weight€20,00
  • For transactions exceeding €10,000, payment shall be credited to an account in the name of the customer, who will be required to provide full bank account details, including IBAN.
  • For sales exceeding €15,000, whether carried out in one transaction or in a series of transactions by one same customer, the following shall also be required (in cases where the customer is a natural person):
  1. The latest “Notice of Tax Due” received by the customer from a Tax Office (D.O.Y.).
  2. Proof of current residence (recent utility bill or valid lease agreement certified by a Tax Office – D.O.Y.).
  3. Proof of current employment and business address (any one of the following: letter from current employer, latest pay slip, professional ID card or document from a social security fund).
  4. A valid residence permit (for non-EU citizens).
  5. A valid phone number.

Only originals of the required documents will be accepted, in compliance with the legal framework for the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing.

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