Historical Archives

We inform you that, pursuant to the new measures to address the Covid-19 pandemic, the Historical Archive of the Bank of Greece has suspended its operation from Friday 6 November 2020 until further notice.

The Historical Archives Section of the Bank of Greece (IATE) collects, preserves, arranges, digitises and manages the Bank’s historical archives, whilst ensuring the preservation of the most important records generated by the Bank’s day-to-day operation and the constant expansion of its archival holdings.

The IATE is one of the most important banking archives in Greece. Its collections do not merely reflect the establishment and the operation of the country’s central bank, but also the Bank’s overall contribution to the country’s economic, political and social trajectory. A considerable portion of the holdings is made up of the personal archives of Governors and Deputy Governors, which shed light on broader aspects of the economic and political history of the modern Greek state.

The IATE also develops a wide range of scientific and research activities: it supports the compilation of historical studies, it organises international conferences on issues of economic and banking history, it coordinates or participates in research programmes and it contributes to the publications and exhibitions organised by the Centre for Culture, Research and Documentation (CCRD).

To this end, the IATE works together with Greek and foreign universities as well as research centres and is an active member of various national and international archival organisations and networks devoted to banking history.

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