Assistance to Researchers

Reading room

Researchers can study the records held at the Historical Archives of the Bank of Greece (IATE) by visiting its reading room. IATE’s archival holdings are freely accessible to researchers, except where restrictions apply, based on national and European legislation or the Bank of Greece’s own regulations. Researchers are expected to accept and comply with the IATE’s Terms of Use.

Due to the limited number of workstations, admission to the IATE reading room is by appointment only, as seats need to be reserved in advance. Reservations can be arranged via e-mail ( or telephone, at least two working days prior to the date of the intended visit.

Preparing for your visit

Before visiting the IATE reading room, we recommend that you:

Browse through the online catalogues of our archives and locate the holdings you are interested in; the better prepared you come, the sooner you will get to consult the material you are looking for.

•   Get in touch with the IATE in time and reserve yourself a seat at the reading room.

•   Read the Terms of Use carefully; once you arrive at the IATE, you will be requested to accept them by filling in and signing the Researcher Application & Confidentiality and Privacy Statement. If you prefer, you also can prepare a form in advance and submit a completed print-out upon arrival.

Finally, every time you visit the IATE, please remember to have your ID or some other form of identification with you; you will be asked to present it at the entrance of the Bank of Greece’s Head Office.

 Content Editor

​Reproduction of archival material

The IATE is responsible for safeguarding the copyright of archival material made available to researchers. Researchers may apply to obtain copies of archival documents; such applications are subject to the approval of the IATE; they are made available free of charge and are delivered exclusively in digital form. Terms and restrictions apply and can be found in the IATE's Terms of Use.

Researchers wishing to reproduce archival material for personal use are required submit an Application for Personal Copies. The copies provided are low-resolution and bear the IATE’s watermark. They are meant exclusively for personal use; any further reproduction, publication or public display is prohibited. Researchers wishing to reproduce material for publication (including electronic publication, web posting, etc.), exhibition or any other non-personal use, are required to submit an Application for Reproduction & Permission to Use.  

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