"Financial Crisis – models and policy responses"

30/03/2012 (Συνέδρια)

ΤτΕ & Εuropean Monetary Forum

Financial Crisis — models and policy responses

Conference organized by Bank of Greece & European Monetary Forum.
Athens, 30-31 March 2012

March 30

Welcoming remarks by Bank of Greece Deputy Governor
Helen Louri-Dendrinou

Can the Fed Talk the Hind Legs off the Stock Market?
Sylvester Eijffinger - presentation

Institutions and Business Cycles
Sumru Altug - presentation

A DSGE Model of Banks and Financial Intermediation with Default Risk
Mike Wickens - presentation

The Transition Into Financial Crisis: Fundamentals, Path Dependence or Institutions?
Arnab Bhattarcharjee - presentation

Correlation and Contagion in Empirical Factor Models of Bank Credit Risk
Mike Beenstock - presentation

How Effective is Central Bank Forward Guidance?
Clemens Kool and Daniel Thornton - presentation

Monetary Policy and the Natural Rate of Interest
Matthew Canzoneri - presentation

The Determinants of Sovereign Bond Yield Spreads in the EMU
Michael Arghyrou - presentation

Panel on Sovereign Debt Crisis
Dale Henderson, Manfred Neumann, Akos Valentinyi, Paul de Grauwe

March 31

Should There be a New Glass-Steagall?
Parantap Basu - presentation

Fiscal Stimuli and Consolidations
Paul Levine - presentation

The New Quarterly Model of the Greek Economy: the Components of Aggregate Demand
Maria Albani, Zacharias Bragoudakis, Georgina Pavlou and Dimitris Sideris - presentation

Building a Financial Conditions Index for the Euro Area and Selected Euro Area Countries: What Does it Tell us about the Crisis?
Eleni Angelopoulou, Hiona Balfoussia and Heather Gibson - presentation

Was the Banking Crisis Caused by Banks? A Decomposition for US Data
Vo Phuong Mai Le, David Meenagh and Patrick Minford - presentation

Mispricing of Sovereign Risk and Multiple Equilibria in the Eurozone
Paul de Grauwe

Variable Phillips Curves and Fluctuations in Inflation
Casper de Vries













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